Pontoon Terms and Conditions

  • Boat owners wishing to moor at the pontoons for two days or more should ideally make prior arrangements with the managers before taking up position on the pontoons, to facilitate the best use of space.
  • 14 days is the maximum continuous period that any vessel may stay on the pontoons during the sailing season, without specific agreement of the directors (for reasons such as bad weather, awaiting spare parts, etc.).
  • Pontoon dues fall to be paid immediately after mooring on the pontoon facilities. Payment should be made at the office or bar of the RFYC or online through the EML website. The receipt should be displayed conspicuously on the vessel which must itself be clearly named. Overdue fees will be invoiced to the owner and will incur an additional £5 administration charge.
  • Boats must be moored securely, close together (about one metre apart), using suitable mooring ropes (viz. springs as well as bow and stern lines), leaving usable space for others.
  • The pontoons are for the exclusive use of leisure vessels except where specifically detailed by the company.
  • An access code for the gate to the pontoons is provided on payment of the appropriate dues. Please ensure the gate is never left open while unattended.
  • Forth Corinthian Yacht Club and Royal Forth Yacht Club (the “Owners”) and the Edinburgh Marina Limited (the “Managers”) accept no liability for any loss or damage suffered by any user to their vessel or property thereon howsoever arising, including any loss or damage arising out of the Owners’, their Managers’ or their respective servants’ or agents’ negligence.