The Edinburgh Marina is a jointly owned venture of the two yacht clubs at Granton, the Royal Forth Yacht Club and Forth Corinthian Yacht Club.  You can see their details by clicking on the links.

It is the only marina that is within easy reach of the centre of the City of Edinburgh.

We have had visiting  boats of up to 70 ft and there are direct buses to the City and direct to Edinburgh Airport.

Fees and Payment

Berthing Fees

Overnight: £2.80 per/m
Rounded to the nearest half-metre.

To Pay Berthing Fees:


Please pay your berthing fees via one of the following three methods:

  • Register and Pay at the Royal Forth Yacht Club (RFYC) office or bar. Office hours are 09:00 – 13:00 Tuesday to Friday. Bar hours are as advertised on the RFYC website.
  • Pay using the Honesty Box located inside the security gate controlling access to the pontoons from the shore. Payments may be made by cash or cheque with cheques payable to The Edinburgh Marina Ltd.

    Complete a payment envelope and deposit your payment in the Honesty Box.

RFYC and FCYC Members:

RFYC and FCYC members benefit from reduced pontoon fees. Members should pay the appropriate fees to The Edinburgh Marina Ltd through their own club payment system within one week of occupation of the pontoon.

General Pontoon Rules and Notes Applicable to All:

Occupation of the pontoons at any one time is limited to a maximum of two weeks. Specific permission from Edinburgh Marina Ltd is required in advance for periods of occupation which exceed this.

Water is available on the pontoons but craft should use their own connection hose. Pontoon hoses may be used at the discretion of the owner.

There is 24hr CCTV recording on the pontoons.

Visitor Information

Granton is well placed for yachtsmen visiting the Forth as a destination or in passage North or South.  It is one of the few places to stop-over between Blyth and Peterhead. Although it is some 20 miles from the mouth of the Forth it is a good stop-over location to visit Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Marina Ltd is jointly owned and managed by the Forth Corinthian Yacht Club (FCYC) and the Royal Forth Yacht Club (RFYC).

Unfortunately there are no fuel facilities at Granton for visitors or members due to legal restrictions.

Granton Harbour - (Google Maps) - Click to view full-size image.
Granton Harbour – (Google Maps) – Click to view full-size image.

There are frequent buses into Edinburgh City Centre (Service 16) and direct to/from Edinburgh International Airport. (Service 200).

The pontoon has water points and hoses but craft should ideally provide their own hose and use of the pontoon hoses is at the owner’s discretion. There is no shore power.

The pontoon benefits from 24hr CCTV monitoring.

Toilet and shower facilities are available at the FCYC club quarters at all hours and also at the RFYC club-house while the club-house is manned. During the season the club-house is open every day, usually from morning until evening, or by key-pad access.

To pay berthing fees visitors should come into the RFYC club-house to register and be given the access number for key-pad access to the club-house which will normally allow entrance from 09:00 to 21:00 daily.  These hours may vary due to operational reasons.

A facility also exists for visitors to pay berthing fees online at:


Edinburgh Marina Approach. Photo: lamedia.co.uk

Dredging has been done at the pontoons to improve access; at present the depth in the harbour approach to the pontoon is 1.2 metres below chart datum though there is a small hump of 0.5 metres below datum just before the pontoons. For most tides this is not a problem.  Depth on the pontoons is now at just below chart datum for most of the inside and half the outside of the pontoons.  The outside southern half is just above chart datum. The bottom below the pontoons is soft mud.

Berthing charge for visitors is £2.60/m LOA (rounded to nearest 0.5m) per night. Payment  to be made at RFYC office or bar on arrival. Access to the pontoon from land by key pad, with the number available on payment of berthing charge. No stay can be for more than 14 days except by prior arrangement.

Photo: Ken Dougall


Visiting crew are very welcome to use the facilities of the Royal Forth Yacht Club and the Forth Corinthian Yacht Club.

The Key Access Number to gain access back onto the Pontoon and the FCYC toilets and showers and the Key  Access Number for the entrance gate and door into the RFYC Club can be obtained on payment of the berthing fee at the RFYC Club Office (phone +44 131 552 8560) (0900 hrs to 1300 hrs Tuesday to Friday) and at the Club Bar (+44 7551 426 813) which is open during bar-opening hours.

Outside these hours the Key Access Number to gain access back onto the Pontoon and the FCYC toilets and showers can be obtained by telephoning +44 7434 542 997.  Leave the name of your boat and the number will be given to you.

Information on RFYC bar-opening hours and other information for visitors can be obtained at the RFYC notice board or via their website at www.royalforth.org

The pontoon is visited every day by a volunteer and both clubs do their best to make visitors welcome. Please give advance notice and seek further information by phoning RFYC admin on +44 131 552 8560 or email: eml@royalforth.org



The Edinburgh Marina was developed to provide a between the tides refuge for the two sailing clubs located at Granton. It also became the only all tide access to the City of Edinburgh without going further up river to Port Edgar under the bridges. It is within a short drive or bus ride from the …

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The Edinburgh Marina Limited
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The EML pontoon is open for visiting boats, but we would urge visitors to follow government guidelines before travelling and adhere closely to any Covid restrictions in place.